Sunday, April 25, 2010

She Phoned Back

I suppose that this will be a continuation of yesterday's blog post because at 9:23 PM yesterday, the friend of our friend returned my call. If the call had gone to voicemail, it would have been much easier. After a duration of 25:28, I finally got off of the telephone (by force). Now I am sorry to say that my previous notions about this woman have been strengthened. HOWEVER, I also now feel a bit more sorry for her.

No, I do not feel sorry for her because of her problems or her situation. I feel sorry for her because she seems not only to have "made friends with the darkness," but to actually take steps to stay as miserable and uncomfortable as possible. This is something that I cannot understand. From the outside it seems that with a few small, easy tasks, she could remove some obstacles and feel so much better. I understand that sometimes things may seem easier from the outside, but sometimes the answers are also quite obvious.

For today, I am going to ask for you to prayer for this woman and her husband. Pray that they find what they need. Peace, comfort, healing...God knows. Right now, just take a minute and say a quick prayer for her.

Then, please feel free to comment and share if you have a prayer request or praise on this day. I will be sure to say a prayer or each comment posted, and possibly others who read your comments will do the same. Thank you, and I hope that you see and feel the Lord's blessings today.


  1. I said a prayer. :) You did your part Dawnmarie and the rest is in God's hands. :) No worries.

    I have a praise report. First, I think God for a wonderful day with both sets of parents, including my biological father who hasn't invited me over for a cookout in three to four years! I've seen him, but not at this type of event. It was so nice being with him and stepmom along with my brother and his family. :) (All smiles.)
    A prayer request is that my last week in this house go well and my moving this weekend go smoothly. :)
    Thanks girl! I pray you have a wonderful week! Sending much love your way.

  2. Prayer said! Thank you for reading and supporting my young blog. (You know I relish the comments!) This week is going to be super, and your move is going to be fine. If it rains, Mommie and Daddie have a trailer that we can borrow.

  3. Prayer said. I have a praise... I am very happy that the sun is shining today! I have lots to do that need sunshine! Hooray!

  4. I have a praise , I have a fantabulous , husband, great friends, healthy kids, and a forgiving, merciful and loving God! I hope this lady can feel God's love ,and maybe see light at the end of her sad tunnel. You have done a great job Dawnmarie, of reaching out and planting a seed, God shall see to the rest of it :)