Monday, April 19, 2010

RevAbs Day 1

Rev it high. Rev it low. I am strong, committed, and ready to go...and now I am too tired to do anything else. Hehe.

As I committed to do, I started my RevAbs exercise program today. After working in the yard for the past two days, I was ready. My muscles were in "use" mode. I started with Total Strength and then did Mercy Abs. Why is it called Mercy Abs? That is because it has you begging for mercy. Gasp, gasp.

I did it, though! I pushed through and completed both workouts. I am physically exhausted, but I am feeling pumped.

Please do not be shy about leaving comments on my blog. I relish the comments, the support, the encouragement, and even the accountability, so feel free to scroll down to catch up on my posts and comment! Thank you, Friends.

Now that I have burned all of those calories, I am going to find some food. Do not laugh at me! Nourishment is important. Now where are those Double Stuff Oreos? Hehe...kidding. Ta!


  1. You go girl!! I'm very proud of you and you DESERVE to have some double stuff!!! Woman does not live by exercise alone. etc. . . Tomorrow I WILL work on my ab lounger. I am taking tonight to gear up for it!! LOL!!! Also, have to go to the chiropractor first and get my back and neck straight. Exercise will work better after that!!

  2. Day 1! Now you have committed yourself. That is awesome!

  3. Haha! It's no joke that some people think (that includes ME sometimes!!!) that, since they've done a fantastic job of working out, they can just eat whatever they want! I haven't lost 100+ lbs by continuing to eat the way I used to. Instead, I eat all the HEALTHY snacks that I want! It pays off!!!