Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 -- Sort Of

My husband and I decided to work together as a team to get in better shape. We have friends who use Beach Body products and rave about them, so we took the steps to get on board with Beach Body and are supporting one another. Since my goal is not necessarily to lose weight but to get in better shape, I have chosen RevAbs for my exercise program.

RevAbs arrived Monday, so Tuesday morning, I got started. I was pretty worn out but just chalked it up to not getting much sleep the night before (maybe four hours?). The first thing that I did was take my measurements. So long to the days of being young and fit and blessed with a 36-25-36 physique. Now I am getting older, have had a child, do not eat as healthy as I could and do not exercise like I used to at all. goes...exhale.

Chest: 35"
Left Arm: 11.5"
Right Arm: 11"
Waist: 29"
Belly: 32.5"
Hips: 38"
Left Thigh: 22.5"
Right Thigh: 22"

Now, before anyone starts giving me a hard time about not being fat, I am not. I know that I am not. If you will remember, from the beginning, I said that my goal is not necessarily to lose weight but to get into better shape. My journey is still going to be a big challenge, though, because I am so out of shape. With the obstacle of exercise induced asthma, I know that the workouts will be challenging, but I am determined to succeed.

The next step was to measure my fitness level, and while I did fine with some of the exercises, I really did not do great at the others:

1. Squat Hold (goal of 1 min.) = 1:03 - Yay!
2. Push-Up (goal of 10 in 30 sec.) = 13 in 0:20 - Too many, too fast? Did not make 30 sec.
3. Jumping Jacks (goal of 30 in 30 sec.) = 35
4. Plank (goal of 1 min.) = 0:41 (Hard!)
5. Cobra (goal of 1 min.) = 1:18
6. Crunch (goal of 30 in 30 sec.) = 33
7. Leg Drop (goal of 20 in 1 min.) = 14 - These hurt my back so much.
8. Side Plank on Right (goal of 30 sec.) = 0:20
8. Side Plank on Left (goal of 30 sec.) = 0:14 - Had a weird cramp and could not fight it. Was it from a previous exercise? Either way, I bombed on this one!

As you can see, physical fitness is not my strongest suit. I am supposed to do these same things to measure my physical fitness again on day 45 and on day 90 of my RevAbs exercise program to see how my fitness level progresses.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had to measure my body fat, too. How embarrassing. The tool measured 22 mm, and I looked at the chart which told me that at my age, that means that I have about 31.5% body fat. WHAT?! Can that be right? Maybe I read it wrong. I will ask Richard to help me later. LOL.

Once I had measured myself and determined my fitness level, it was time to get started on my first workout. For Day 1, my workout was Total Strength because you cannot build your muscles without building your strength.

Still tired, and not feeling too hot, I popped in the DVD, pushed play, and got started. This workout was apparently in three rounds. I got through the first round weakly. The more I was getting up and down, the more I felt yucky. Finally, I realized that I was not feeling so poorly purely from lack of sleep. I was sick.

What started as fatigue and a bit of vertigo turned into me being in bed almost the entire day and night with more and more symptoms popping up as the hours went by. I managed to sleep for a few hours, too. For those who know me, you know that I almost never sleep in the day time, so the fact that I napped is really saying something about how badly I felt. Woe.

Later in the evening, I dragged myself downstairs and curled up on the couch with my guys to watch the season premiere of Glee. How could I miss it? LOL. We had baked chicken and mashed potatoes and carrots for supper. I did not eat the carrots. I should have.

Straight back to bed. Sleep. Would I still be sick tomorrow, or would I be able to resume my barely begun fitness journey?

A Weary Dawnmarie

PS Yes, I typed this on Wednesday because yesterday I was too sick to even look at the computer let alone think about starting my journal.

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  1. Congrats on taking this step towards bettering your health and fitness! There will be days like this and days when you're on fire and ready to pay dues. After losing 90 pounds, I felt and looked like a new person. Although 90 pounds is a great feat, I still have more to lose. I've got your back!