Saturday, March 31, 2012

Miss Me?

Apparently I go through stints of neglecting my sweet, little blog. Life is busy...hectic...full. Life is full, and sometimes something needs to be put aside so that I can focus on what is more important. However, as happens from time to time, I have felt a pull to return here again. Then, when someone asked me last Sunday why I stopped writing my blog, it stuck me that there are actually those of you out there who enjoy reading it. By neglecting my little blog, have I been neglecting YOU? Well, we certainly cannot have that, so here I am, back at the keyboard, ready to fill your computer screen with words that I hope will inspire you, touch you, entertain you, educate you, heal you, make you chuckle...or maybe simply annoy you. That last one is not my goal, but not everyone realizes that I am as fabulous as I am, so it is bound to happen.

It would seem that Words from DUG will be two years old in two weeks. What better way is there to get this place rejuvenated than to plan a Blogoversary Party with fun, games, giveaways and more? I say that we do it!

As it turns out, that will also be around tax time, so a bit of cheery fun will probably be in order for some of us, anyway. Hehe. Sooo...invite your friends to follow Words from DUG via Google Friend Connect (over there on the right), via NetworkedBlogs, via Facebook. Tell them to keep reading and commenting, and when the exact date and time is set for the party, they can be among the first to know! Go on...invite them. It will not be one of those awkward parties. It will be fun! Do not make them be upset with you because you did not invite them. (Hmm...does that sound like it might be a message for something else?)

Meanwhile, I plan to get back to the alphabet postings. I am pretty sure that we left off with M. There were a few suggestions posted previously. Someone suggested Marriage. Hmm...wouldn't that be a controversial place to jump back into things? Let me go see what were some other suggestions. Do you have any?