Monday, October 1, 2012

P = Precious Lives

Yes, my little blog has been neglected as of late.  If you follow it, though, you know that I tend to go through phases.  These past few months we have been super busy with our family mission, which, right now, is to love and advocate for orphans.

You may know that we hosted a boy name M*rkus this summer.  He and our son bonded right away.  They were like two peas in a pod, great buddies...brothers.  Hubby, Boy and I had many fun and joyous experiences with M*rkus, and we are blessed to be able to host him in our home again this winter.  God is good that way, eh?

Would your family like to work on a mission trip together? If so, then you can all participate in this hosting ministry without even leaving your home town!  To learn more about what it means to host an orphan and to see all of the many children available is easy.  Simply visit to view the photo gallery. are a few of the precious children who might make a great addition to your family this winter season.  Yes, you can make a difference in their lives, but did you know that they can also make a difference in yours?  

N likes knitting, crocheting and sewing as well as beading with embroidery and making bracelets. She would like to go on a ship someday.  Both want to see the ocean if possible. V likes soccer and ping pong and has received soccer awards. He would like to fly on a real airplane. If a choice was available, they would like to be the oldest children in a family and do well with younger children.
$200 Scholarship -- N and V are Host Only

M is called "a good boy" by his foster mom and "a little stinker" by his teacher. He is a serious little guy, yet had us laughing at some of his antics. He lives on a VERY rural farm, and helps with chores, including bringing the cows in at night. He loves horses, and wishes that he knew how to ride. He also likes winter sports: sledding, skiing, ice skating, ice hockey is his favorite sport.

D came 2 years ago and wants to return. Age 12, talkative, friendly girl with a rare bone disease that keeps her from walking. Favorite foods are chips, candy, and ice cream. Enjoys paper crafts, drawing, and wheelchair basketball. For being in a wheelchair, she is still very active.and can take care of all her personal needs (she does not need to wear diapers).

R wishes to learn how to ride a bicycle and enjoys playing with Legos, toy cars, snowball fights and sledding. The Social Worker said he has very good behavior. He likes cats and dogs, and his favorite animals are the big cats: lions! He is smaller for his age and says his favorite colors are black, blue and orange and likes ice cream but definitely NOT liver.

To learn more about these children and many others available for hosting, visit to view the photo gallery.  Find the child or sibling set who can add some more joy to your Holiday season as you and your family serve God who tells us in Matthew 18:5 that "...whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."