Friday, April 23, 2010

Male Body Image?

Someone posted on a local forum about body image and how women seem to be uncomfortable about theirs while men do not seem to care. Is this accurate? As for me...HA! Hubby says that he loves my body, and I tell him that he needs to put on his glasses. Is it that I cannot accept a compliment, or is it that I do not believe him? Do other people see the imperfections in me that I see in myself? Why do I care? Who are they to judge me, anyway? Why do I live at a lake yet do not want to wear a bathing suit? Why do I go out on the boat wearing shorts? Who is going to see me, anyway -- the people staring out of their windows with binoculars? What is wrong with me?!

Well, Ladies, to ease your pain just a little bit, I can safely assure you that men DO have self image issues just like us. Do not let them tell you otherwise. Men are self-conscious about how they look, what their body is like, how healthy is their skin, how their hair looks, etc. Why do you think that men go to the gym? Why do you think that there are so many hair products for men? Why do you think that men have their own clothing stores, their own skin care lines, their own body care products, etc.

Sure, there are men who do not seem to care too much how they look, but then there are women who do not seem to really care either. Maybe they are completely comfortable just being themselves. Maybe we simply do not see their insecurities. Could it be that we see all of the imperfections in ourselves because we are experiencing our insecurities firsthand, because we cannot hide from ourselves?

Fear not, My BlogWorld Friends. You are not alone. You can put your insecurities aside, though. No matter how you look [or think that you look], I believe that every one of you is beautiful!


  1. Dm, EVERYBODY feels the same way about their "physical" body. I don't think that will ever change. Hopefully our "spiritual" wholeness will get us through this long journey with our physical imperfections. Amen??

  2. Preach it sister! We all feel this way, but you have to do the mind over matter thing, put your chin up in the air, stick your chest out and take off those shorts at the lake :) Everybody loves us for who we are now how much we way !

  3. You know my body image is not good. I do not see anything wrong with your body, but I am not you. I believe we all judge ourselves harshly because we are trying to look like the airbrushed images we see in magazines.

    I know men have body image problems, too. I did listen to my ex about his lack of tone, etc. They just don't have impossible images that they are trying to obtain bodies like. (I don't like that sentence, but you know what I mean).

    Maybe some day we will learn to be the best US, not try to be someone else's best.

    Thought provoking blog!

  4. go DUG go!!

    my ear lobes are still very unattractive despite the fact I have worked out for many years.

  5. yeah....we have body image too. So much that if focused on too much it can be a barrier in the spiritual walk.