Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Are Not Good Enough

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough? Do others make you feel like you are not good enough? Why?

Who are you?

If you are not sure of the answer to that question, let me help you. YOU are a child of God. God. There is no one above God, and you are His child. Would you dare to tell God's child that he or she is "not good enough?"

Then why would you believe that about yourself?

You are right. You are far from perfect. So am I. It can be confusing at time to believe that God would want anything to do with any of us. However, when you read the Bible, you will note that God loved and used many flawed and imperfect people to accomplish His works here on Earth. If you do not know the Bible very well, or at all, and are curious, here are two examples.

King David lusted after and had an affair with Bathsheba, who was married to Uriah the Hittite. King David decided that he wanted Bathsheba for himself, so he had Uriah murdered. Gee, he was a swell guy, eh?

Rahab was a prostitute. Enough said?

Would you agree that these two people were not perfect? Of course! They have "mess" written all over them. They were still God's children, though, and they were part of God's plan in a variety of areas. (You may remember the story of David and Goliath.) Most importantly, though, David and Rahab, and plenty of other imperfect people, were part of the lineage that brought Jesus Christ to Earth.

...and we can do all things through Christ, sooo...

Stop thinking that you do not have the right education, you are a slow learner, you are not good looking enough, you do not come from a good enough family, or any negative thing about yourself.

Were David and Rahab "good enough?"

You are a child of God, and that makes you special, beautiful, capable. If it is your purpose to do something, then you can bet that you will be good enough to do it. Do not bring yourself down with self-doubt, and do not give anyone else the power to bring you down.

Now lay your right arm across your front and put your hand on your back. Then put your left arm across your front and put your hand on your back. Did you do it? You have just given yourself a hug. I bet your feel better already!


  1. Good post this morning you know I've asked myself that many times in life, I would go and sit before the Lord and question why, and what for. Am I good enough for anything? I guess I was just having my pitty party about myself. Then some where in all of this I saw where no I am not good enough in myself I am in God. He is the one that make me good enough to do His service.

  2. The challenge here is how we measure our own worth. Too often we let other people and the world define us and our worth.
    We are in conflict with what God deems worthy and what the world deems worthy.

  3. I believe we all have "pity parties" in our lives. We just need to learn to turn to God when we have these and ask for His blessings. We need to remember we are who we are because of our Faith in him. Sure, we aren't always pleased with ourself. That's only normal! But we can always find answers to anything when we turn to God.
    Richard, those are very wise words and so true! What God deems worthy of us and what the world deems worthy of us is usually completely opposite! But we MUST believe and trust wholly in God and what he deems worthy of us!
    Freida ;-)

  4. I was thinking this morning and reminding myself that I'm a child of God no matter what anyone else thinks of me and God made me the way I am for his purpose. There's also that song ... don't know who sings it or the title ... but it goes around the world and talks about how each person is God's child. I heard it this morning on the radio. :) So maybe God is trying to drill it into my head ... I'm his child. :)

    (Love you Dawnmarie!)

  5. Preach on sister! I love being a child of God1

  6. Thanks for sharing this with me the other day! It is nice to be reminded of how perfect God's design is with each of us!

  7. This is so true. And when thought like this pop up it is a lie from the enemy. We should be able to feel love and gods grace.