Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Friday - Sharing News

At a local moms web site today, someone asked if anyone had any funny or cute stories about how they shared the news that they were pregnant. I do have a cute story about how we shared the news at church.

We did not "tell" people, per se. We chose a feminine, long-sleeve, cotton shirt and had it embroidered high on the one side (where you might see a business logo or a shirt pocket) with Psalm 127:3. Whenever anyone asked what the verse said, we played dumb and waited for them to look it up. Hehe. People who got it had the best expressions and reactions. A couple of people were a little bit lost but eventually came around.

Then, some time later, Hubby and I were doing a drama of the Lord's Prayer that is an interactive conversation with God. Here is what I mean.

Me: Our Father, who art in Heaven-
God: Yeess?
Me: Do not interumpt me; I am praying!
God: I know. You called me.
Me: Called you? No, I did not. I am praying. Our Father, who art in Heaven-
God: There. You did it again.
Me: Did what?
God: You called me. You said, "Our Father, who art in Heaven." Here I am. What do you need?

Then it went on and we continued the conversation as I said each part of The Lord's Prayer. Then, further down....

Me: And give us this day, our daily bread.
God: You should probably lay off of the bread a bit, too, because you are gaining some weight.
Me: What?! I am pregnant!

Ha! This got some interesting reactions from people who did not find out the first time.

We like to do things with a fun twist whenever we can. Maybe one day I will tell you about the garter at our wedding.

Do you have any cute stories that you would like to share just because they are fun or just because they make you smile? Go for it!


  1. I never got to "tell" my Mom I was pregnant, she would say things like, 'so when are you going to tell me', I'd say tell you what, and she would reply 'that you are going to have a baby' and this was over the phone, because I lived in NY and she was in FL..... and people wondered why we called her a "Witch" lovingly of course.....

  2. There you are...beautiful you with boy in the tummy!
    I love your humor and the spice you add to life. God wants us to enjoy our lives and you just made me enjoy my morning!
    I posted on getting to know you on my blog today and I hope all the happy people come!

  3. Unfortunately no cute story for me! My parents found out because they had stopped at my work to say hello, and were told that I had called in sick. So they came to my home to see if I was ok, and so I had to tell them! I had wanted to wait until I was a little further along!
    I'm just popping in to say HI from Jackie's Fairyland!
    Have a great day!

  4. Great story!
    When we told my EX's parents, we called and all we said was, "The rabbit died!" They had NO idea why in the world we were calling them and telling the rabbit died. They said, "When did you get a rabbit? We're so sorry it died!" My EX said, "No! We don't have a rabbit!" They still didn't get it!
    We had been told by the Dr. just the month before that I never would get pregnant!
    Finally, my Ex said, "The rabbit died! Freida is pregnant!" Then the deafening screams came thru the phone line!
    Not REAL funny, but that's how they found out. I can't remember, honestly, how we told my parents.
    We were thrilled but shocked, too, of course! But as I told my Dr., "NO, this can't be happening now! You just told me I wouldn't ever get pregnant!" We had just moved into a new house we had built and had spent every penny we had on it....even went way over our budget, of course! I had been moving furniture, boxes and lots of other things I really shouldn't have been doing. It was the beginning of the school year...the worst part of the school year! It doesn't matter how many years you've been teaching, that is the worst, the worst time of the school year! However, everything worked out just fine and she was born May 22. I taught up to the day she was born, In fact, I got up that Monday morning to get ready to go to school, went to the bathroom, and couldn't stop going to the bathroom. I told my then husband that I thought my water broke. I was feeling no pain. Called the Dr. and told him what I thought had happened. He said, "How far away do you live?" Well, we live far, far away from the hospital I was going to. He told me to get there ASAP! Called the principal and told him I wouldn't be in that day or the rest of the school year. He asked, "Why?" I said, "Because I'm going to the hospital to have my baby!" All he said was, "OK! Thanks for calling!" Geez! Educators!!!!!! Principals, especially! He was only concerned about getting the sub for me! Ugh! I really didn't care at that point. By 3 PM or so, I still had no pain! So, they started the contractions. And she was born about 9:30 PM. Before I even asked my EX what the baby was, I asked him if it had big ears. I have big ears and that was my biggest fear for the entire pregnancy! He said, "No! And it's a girl!" THAT really made me happy..that it was a girl! I wanted a girl sooooo badly! Now, she'd 32 and she's still the light of my life and always will be! Her name...Mackenzie.