Monday, June 14, 2010

The Umbrellas and the Key

We headed south this past Friday evening to do a few things at the beach house. When we got around seventy miles down the road, we realized that we did not bring a KEY to the beach house.

For a few moments, my husband thought that I was kidding. I was not. I had forgotten the key.

I laughed. He got angry.

When we left home, I went back inside two times for things that we had forgotten. As I was leaving (for the third time), I told the house/pet sitter that we were leaving and that if we forgot anything else, it was our own problem. Ha-ha! Little did I know what I was saying.

You see, we always forget something. It is like there is a scientific law for us: The Law of Taking Trips. This time, tough, I realized that I forgot Boy's beach umbrellas. Bummer! Knowing that we forgot the beach umbrellas, though, we should have been safe.


Seemingly, the Law of Taking Trips was faulty. All of these years, knowing that we would always forget something, it turned out that we could, in fact, forget some things.

I phoned a friend of ours, who also happens to be the person who cleans the beach house. You know what that means, right? Yes! She has keys to the house. I got her voice mail and left a message.

For a short while longer, while driving down the highway, my husband was agitated and irritable. Then he turned on the right blinker and drove off of the next exit. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that there was no point to drive all the way down to the house without a key. I said, “We can stay at an hotel.” That did not go over well.

Sure, because we are made of money!” Let me clarify this for those who do not know us. We have close to half a million hotel points. Money was not the issue because we did not have to spend money to get a hotel room.

Whatever words were said next, I do not remember, but Hubby got back onto the highway and continued driving south. A few minutes later, a different friend from down at the beach phoned. When I told him what happened, he immediately offered to let us stay at his and his wife's place. What a blessing it is to have such an hospitable friend.

After thanking our friend and assuring him that we would phone him if it came to that, I finished the telephone call and looked at my husband. “May I ask you to just choose not to be cranky and to see the humor in this and think of it as an adventure?”

I think that my husband, though frustrated, realized (after I pointed it out) that being angry or upset was not going to fix anything. It was not going to make the key suddenly appear. His jaw seemed to unclench, and he relaxed a bit. It was getting to be that calm and quiet time of the day when the sun sets, yet it is still light outside. I took off my sunglasses and opened the center console to put them away. When I looked into the console, I saw something buried in there which I then felt compelled to grab. It was another set of car keys.

We do not leave keys in that car. Duh. Somehow, though, this set had gotten left in the car. After a quick examination, we saw that this particular set of keys happened to have a key on it that we thought went to the beach house.

How funny is it that as soon as my husband let go of his frustration and made the decision to not be cranky about the situation, it was almost instantly resolved? Yes, when we arrived a few hours later we discovered that that key was for the house. (Thank the Lord!) At around midnight, we entered the house and were able to relax from our journey.

We know that God took care of us Friday night and showed use where there was a key that we needed. How interesting is it that the one time we forgot to bring the keys in the house and left them in the car, it turned out to be part of His plan? He knew that we would need them.

Now I am able to report that the Law of Taking Trips still holds its definition. Thankfully, the beach umbrellas really were all that we were missing, after all. Of course, under the hot, summer sun at the beach, those would really have come in handy.


  1. Don't you just hate the Law of Taking Trips? Usually we just leave something behind that every Wal-Mart carries. But you really NEEDED Boy's NEW UMBRELLAS!!!!!

  2. God really DOES work in mysterious ways!! He KNEW you were going to forget that key and conveniently had a replacement key already sequestered in your vehicle. How cool is that!?!? Hope you had a really great weekend!! See you soon.

  3. LOL Dont feel bad! I cant even go to the STORE without forgetting one of the most important things.... THE LIST! LOL

  4. I love the way God works! His plans are always on time and great. I am so glad that I can rely on His plans, because my plans sometimes are not the best. I am only humans and at times it is hard for me to see past the day I am in. My favotite bible verse if Jermiah 29:11, it is always reassuring when I can't figure out which way I am going. I am glad that you guys had a nice weekend getaway! I know that it was neede.

  5. Whew! That was a blessing finding the keys! Hmmmmm....a miracle! Perhaps! "Someone" was looking after y'all!
    So glad you were able to approach your DH in the way that you did! It's really hard sometimes to let go of anger over something. But keeping the anger only makes things worse, I feel. Tension just seems to mount and then there are things said and done that are usually hurtful. Then, in my case, after I've thought about the source of the anger, I feel really bad. I am usually the one who apologizes, because I'm usually the one who blows things all out of portion! I have a bad temper and am a door and a drawer slammer, which Bobby calls a temper-tantrum. Think I need anger-management classes? Maybe! But I'll continue to pray about my anger and hope the Lord will help me control it when I get angry again. He's always helped me with everything else, so why not this problem? I don't like feeling that way 'cause I usually get a bad headache and even cry most of the time. I get my feelings hurt real easily! Guess I've just got a lot more growing to do in the "anger" department, with God's help.