Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taking for Granted or Blessed to be Granted?

My husband took a picture of our closet. I am not sure why. Maybe he was playing with the camera. Looking at this picture afterward, though, it make me think. Wow. I told Hubby that this photograph made me think of a topic about which I should write.

Do we take for granted what we have, or do we know that we are blessed to be granted what we have?

We have two walk-in closets in our bedroom. This is the smaller of the two.

I measure it and discovered that this closet is approximately 72 square feet. How does that fit into the perspective of being blessed?

There is a family of six at San Antonio de Palopo, Guatemala, who live in a 216 square foot house. That is the size of my closet three times. We barely have enough room in the closet for our clothes, and there is a father, a mother, and their four children living in something equal to just three of this closet. If you live in the United States of America, chances are that your bedroom is larger than this family's home. Are you blessed?

I was reading something written by a woman who was excited by the opportunity to get a rental car. She and her son usually ride buses and trains to get where they are going. She mentioned that riding on a bus can be uncomfortable and loud and put you around rude people and in uncomfortable situations. She mentioned that being in your own car gives you peace.

When you are riding in your car, do you consider it a place of peace? Do you appreciate it? Do you instead complain about the traffic, the cost of fuel, something else? If you have one, do you realize how blessed you are to have a car? Two? Three?

Do you get out of bed in the morning and take a shower? Do you ever soak is a relaxing bath? Is there a faucet where you can pour yourself a glass of water? Do you have a washing machine, or can you go to a laundromat to clean your clothes? Do you cook with water? Do you appreciate how blessed you are to have available, clean water to do all of these things and so much more?

Do you know that there are people who do not have access to clean water? Can you imagine drinking, bathing, washing your clothes, etc. in filth -- and to top it off, having that be normal?

While searching the internet for a photograph to use, I came across the web site for Living Water International. That is not where I found the picture above, however, I am sharing a link with you because it is an interesting web site and well worth checking out.

It is time to start getting ready for church, so I am going to finish this post. Oh. Church. The privilege to go that so many take for granted and so many others do not have. Yet another thing with which I am blessed. What blessings do you see in your life that you may take for granted?


  1. You know sis sometimes when we have much we do ask are we taking it for granted or are we blessed. When I look at my closet as your hubby did yours, It makes me thank God for what I have..I am blessed. It's so easy for us at times to take things for granted even the smallest and simple thing.

  2. I am blessed to have a washer and dryer in my home. For years before we moved in the current home we are in, I did not have one. It is a lot of work with little ones and a laundry mat ! And expensive! But all in all I am just blessed to have food in my belly, clothes and shelter. Those are the top things we thank God for every night.

  3. You forgot to say that we spend more on our pets than people in third world countries have to provide for their entire family. That amazes me even as I write it. God has been very good to America as a whole and we do take it for granted.