Friday, June 4, 2010

New Contest!

This contest will be in two parts.

1. Comments. The person who comments on the most posts will be a winner. Comments must be dated from June 4th through July 31st, yet they can be on any post as far back as you want to read.

2. Referrals. The person who refers the most friends who become followers and post comments will be a winner. The friends, after following this blog, must comment on this post and say that you referred them. First names or screen names are fine.

There will be TWO different prizes for this contest. One of the prizes will be a gorgeous, handmade, quilted tote from BRB called "Stars R Stripes" -- picture coming soon! The second prize will be announced. Since a few people have asked me about the contest, though, I wanted to get it posted so that those who want to can start competing. Hehe. Yes, this contest is a shameless ploy to try to grow my little blog some more.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing what is in store for us these coming weeks!


  1. I;m sure there will be lots of thought provoking soliloquies (sp?) and FUN!!!!!

  2. I'm baaaack!! What? Where is everybody??? Come on peeps! Let's get on the balls. Comments, comments!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL Its not a shameless ploy! LOL Theres nothing wrong with rewarding your readers :) Contests are FUN! I love them! hehe.

  4. So where are the comments? No new blogs must mean you are stil feeling yucky.....

  5. Cool, new contest! I finally got a post to post. Let me try this again....

  6. I'm new, but I'm really excited to just be able to respond and not worry about offending anyone because I'm a Christian. Thank you for taking a stand in Cyberspace.

  7. Welcome, musiciangcr! Thank you for finding my blog and following it. Oh, and chances are that you will offend someone no matter what you do. After all, Christ offended people, and he was perfect. 8^)

  8. Hi, GF! Just posted a response from today!
    Thanks for having this blog! I just need reminding from time-to-time to come on here. I'm way too busy on LOTH and FB! LOL But YOU KNOW I love blogging!
    Happy day and big smiles!
    Freida ;-)