Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Blog?

Someone asked me why it is that I decided to start blogging.

Never had so many
had so much to say
to so few
about so little.

Why does anyone blog? I think that I have something to say. I like to talk. I like to share. Right? Hey, I am just being honest here.

Truthfully, though, I also like to encourage. I like to give people a laugh or some inspiration or just a smile. Those of you who know me know that I relish your comments. I know that comments are not important to a successful blog, yet what is a successful blog? Thousands of readers? Advertisers? Awards? Articles? To me, my success is felt when someone lets me know that they appreciate or enjoy something that I have posted. Simple, right? Why would it need to be more?

I could go off on a rabbit trail about success and defining what it is and how it is different for each of us, but I will not.

My baby brother told me about a t-shirt that he saw. My baby brother. That is kind of a joke in our family since he is almost thirty. Anyway, the t-shirt made me chuckle.

More people have read my t-shirt
than have read your blog.

That may very well be true, but I would like to hope that my blog has had a positive affect on more people than your t-shirt.


  1. Blog on sister!! Some days you just MAKE my day!!!

  2. I think everyone blogs for their own personal reasons. Some people blog to share valuable information, some as a stress reliever, some for business purposes, etc.

    I have two blogs, one of which, I will admit, has gone to the way-side lol.

    The one I post the most on is for business purposes. It is designed to help people learn more about the products I sell, the services I offer, tips on how to use our products, and so much more.

    The other blog, the one that had been put to the way-side, is one I had just created as a source to kind of "vent", a stress reliever type of blog. I started that blog shortly after my son's diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes. The months after his diagnosis was a very stressful time; trying to figure out what he could and couldn't eat, learning to count carbs, proteins and fats, figuring out the insulin dosages, working with the schools to provide him a safe learning experience while he is in school, learning different tricks that helped make giving him his insulin shots easier for both him and us, etc. Blogging about it was kind of a way for me to release some energy and thoughts that had been built up inside throughout the course of our day. I am however planning to let go of that particular blog, and create another one. One that, not only will help me vent (as well as rejoice our successes) about his disease, but also one that will help others learn more about the disease, how it affects the child suffering with it, as well as the family, as well as provide some links and things that have helped me in a tremendous way! It will be serving two purposes. 1) a way to relieve stress and share our joys and successes with the world. 2) a way for me to help provide awareness about diabetes, what it is, what is involved in managing it, providing educational information about the disease, how to handle different things that may happen when talking with the schools (based on my personal experiences with the school), etc.

  3. Every t-shirt I own has something on it. Most of them are Carolina Gamecock tees! Some people think that's the only thing in my wardrobe! LOL NOT! I have some Carolina Girl tees, too! I have some SC/Palmetto tees! I just love wearing tees that say something! But I do keep it clean! I have seen some I wouldn't allow my dog to wear! Ugh!
    It's Carolina Girl day...officially, as you've probably see from my BF profile and posts. So I'm wearing a South Carolina pink tee today! Nothing like being a Carolina in the world!
    Had a good 4th and I hope everyone else did!

    I did get an e-mail from a teacher-friend in Spartanburg this AM with sad new, though. A boy, who graduated HS with my daughter and I taught with his mom for 27 years, was killed working at the oil spill. So sad! He's 32! A terrible loss for this family and those who knew Chris. He was a really nice boy!

    Blog later!
    Freida ;-)