Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dickie & Dug -- July 19th

The year was 1996. The city was not important. It was a time when the "interweb" was not overly populated. AOL chat rooms were popular and "normal" people typed and got to know one another. There was a local chat room for the area. A local gal decided to throw a party with a friend. They invited the people from that chat room. If I can remember correctly, eighty-seven people were in attendance at that night club. One of those people was the guy.

The gal and the guy met one another, as well as many other people. A group of those people got along well and decided to meet for dinner together the following week. When the evening arrived, the gal and the guy were the only two to arrive for the dinner.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Okay, okay, we will not stop there because one of my readers did ask me to share the story. Also, entire books are written about historical events, so why not a few posts on a little blog that almost no one reads anyway?

When the gal and the guy met, there was an instant attraction. However, the guy was not exactly what you would call "available." He sort of had a lady friend who was out of state. Thus, the guy and the gal became and remained friends. They spent time together, enjoyed one another's company, and eventually became roommates-- in a two bedroom apartment.

As time went on, it became apparent that they guy's lady friend was not going to turn out to be the other half of his future. He probably knew that for while. Then, one day, it hit the guy like a slap to the forehead. The guy had had the "right" gal right for a while, and she was wonderful. He realized that he had loved her since that night when they were the only two to meet for that dinner. What next? I will tell you more tomorrow.


  1. Just a little tease............

  2. haha ... can't wait to read more. :) So far, so good. Intriguing.

  3. Love stories sometimes are like peanut butter and jam and some times they are like fire and ice...and sometimes it's just plain Dick and Jane days...can't wait to hear more!
    Happy Saturday, waving at you from Washington!