Monday, July 19, 2010

Dickie & Dug -- July 19th (Pt. 3)

Once they finally found the Chapel in the Village, the guy and gal liked it. Plus, they allowed you to dress in period costume for your ceremony. How fun!

Figuring that people would need to plan months in advance, the couple asked the woman when was their next opening. She looked through her calendar and said, "Eleven o'clock."


"What time is it now?" the couple asked. Looking at her watch, the woman responded, "About ten to eleven."

The guy and the gal looked at one another. "Do you want to?"

"I do not know. Do you want to?"



They chose their old-timey outfits and settled on a Cowboy (complete with a hat, trench coat and gun holster) and a Southern Belle (if you know the gal, you know that there was a hat).

They made their way up the stairs to the chapel.
Did I mention that the guy was on crutches and wearing a cast-boot through all of this? That is love and dedication.

The ceremony.

Completely in love and happily married, the couple was on track for a life together full of adventure and many stories to come.

Happy Anniversary, Husband!

******* If you want more details about that time, then you are welcome to attend a speaking engagement to hear my husband and me share our testimony.


  1. You wrote this as if it just happened.....and beautifully....

  2. I loved you story. Ten minutes to plan....that's the way to go.
    Be happy!

  3. Seems like it was meant to be that way!!!