Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dickie & Dug -- July 19th (Pt. 2)

Once they got together, it was as if the guy and the gal had always been together. Their whirlwind relationship progressed quickly.

On February 22nd, about six months after that first dinner which no one else attended, they had an engagement party in the form of a mock wedding. Dress, flowers, guests, "minister" and all. What a romantic event that was.

Truth be told, they would have gotten married for real by that time, but the gal still had a house in New York that she wanted to sell. The gal did not want to get married until she had her financial obligations taken care of...and, frankly, the guy was okay with that.

The gal's house was sold on July 5th. Yay!

Unrelated, the guy and the gal decided to go to Smokey Mountains of Tennessee for the weekend of July 18th. While they were there, they talked about it and thought that the mountains might be a romantic place for a wedding and were not too too far away for guests who might want to attend. Saturday morning they went looking at chapels in the area to get some ideas.

The guy and the gal could not find one chapel, so they phoned and left a message on an answering machine. They went to another chapel, which looked just like a little church building. Technically, I suppose it was. Was it closed? If I remember correctly, they looked at it through the windows. There were several wedding chapels in the area where the guy and the gal were looking.

After wandering for a bit, the couple thought that they found the chapel that they could not find earlier. The cellular telephone rang. The gal answered it. The woman on the other end said that she was returning their call from the Chapel in the Village. The gal opened the door and said, "I think I am looking at you."

Then...well, to find out what happened then, return tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion.

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