Sunday, March 13, 2011


February 6th was our son's third birthday. Yay! Happy birthday, Sweet Boy!

February 10th, a friend of ours had surgery. Sometimes stress comes simply from being concerned. (I will not say worrying since we should not worry. Hehe.) She is well, PTL.

February 11th, we were supposed to go to a marriage weekend and have our first "adult" getaway since Boy was born. A crisis caused us to not have child care. Trip cancelled.

February 13th, Hubby fell sick.

Boy got sick.

February 23rd, Hubby had surgery.

Then a different friend got very sick, had a lung collapse, wound up in the hospital on February 25th.

On February 26th, my father fell ill. He almost never even gets a cold.

We were back and forth and back and forth to the hospital, almost an hour away, for the friend who was admitted on Friday. She had surgery on March 2nd.

I cancelled my birthday party on March 5th. We had lunch and went to the hospital that day.

On March 10th, one of our dogs did not seem to be doing well. Hubby took him to the vet on March 11th. X-rays and tests. On March 12th, more tests. Parasite? Cancer? Auto-immune? Tests.

On March 12th, the friend who had surgery for her lung phoned. Back to hospital with a fever of 103. (Foreigner's "Hot-Blooded" came to mind as I typed that.)

Aaah...those are merely the highlights and not even everything that has gone on since last month.

Today I am weary. With all that has been going on, my heart is tired. I feel like I am always trying to be there for others, praying for them, thinking about them, running around, taking care when I can, helping where I can, extending a hand, reaching out....

I tend to be one of those people who tries to see the bright side of things. God has a plan. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes, though, and lately, I simply feel tired. Sometimes I wonder, What is the plan? Sometimes I feel lonely. I am trying so hard to be there for others. Is anyone trying to be there for me?

Then I feel guilty and ponder, Am I selfish to wonder that? (Insert dramatic groan.)


  1. Hi there! No matter what, God is there for you. Always! When the trials and cares of life get you down, just remember, "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians 6:9 KJV

    My Grandma used to say this! :)

  2. I also forgot to mention that Feb. 6 was my son's 17th birthday!! :)

  3. Girl I am so sorry for the trials you have gone through the last few weeks. I too, feel the same way as you. Just mentally, physically and emotionally tired. The Lord has been testing my family hard the last year, and it seems that their is no end in sight. I pray everyday, and have made Bible time priority every morning..but that doubt is still there. Hang in there!

  4. I am soo sorry all this has happened. I want you to know I value what you have to say and it is encouraging when I read your blogs. I will pray for you.
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  5. Dawn: so sorry you are going through such trials. You are a strong woman and I know you will get through all of this. Hope to see you hanging around LOTH soon. :)

  6. (((HUG)))) That's too busy of a month!!! Praying for health, healing and rest for you all!

  7. That is a busy month and sounds a bit like what's been going on around here. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and praying for my tooth. It's a bit better. Praying your life gets a little less stressful and you are able to have a weekend get away soon and to be able to celebrate your birthday!

  8. Thank you, Everyone. I like that I can come here, be myself, and receive encouragement from people that I do not really even know...some of you sort of.

    Marissa, I do hope that there is an end in sight for you very soon. 8^)

  9. Know what? on the other side of a really bad run little things don' seem so bad. In one year I lost my beloved wife to meningitis then my home and job then my friends and everything I owned. Things like flat times dont seem so bad. I have a nice little apartment and a woman that is moving from another country to be with me. Bad times are like a work out you are tired but in the end stronger