Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B = Beef

While walking several weeks ago, on a Saturday morning while the men were at their Bible study, a friend and I discovered a restaurant at DoMo. It looked like a finer restaurant, which would be different from what we usually see around here. One cannot really tell by looking through the windows at 7:30ish in the morning, though, what a place is really like. We both agreed that it might be a treat to dine there one evening and find out.

A week or so ago, I found Epic Chophouse's Facebook page and, from there, found the restaurant's web site. Last night, for the first time that I can remember since Boy was born, Hubby and I had (drumroll, please)...an adult date night. Yes, Boy is three. By what I have said so far, you can guess where we went to dine, right? Yes! We went to McDonald's.


I do not normally do reviews on this blog, yet a bunch of my local peeps read it, so what better way is there to spread the word?

We dropped Boy off with SaraBeth and headed downtown to Epic Chophouse. We did not use it, but they have free valet parking right outside the front door. Yes, free. Is that not a pleasant perk?

We were seated immediately, and I must say that I liked our table. It was in a corner and cozy and private. The one thing that I would have liked better would have been if Hubby was able to sit next to me instead of across from me. Yes, we are those people, the people who sit on the same side of a booth together.

Terra, our serving, assured us that she would be taking "very good care" of us. I kept thinking that Terra looked like Ashley Johnson. Different hair, similar face.

From the beginning, this restaurant had even small touches down. The gentleman seating us pulled out the table for me. I imagine that he would have pulled out the chair if my seat was not against the wall. Our orders were taken without us having to wait. Our drinks were refilled even without us needing to ask. Oh, and I was only charged for one cranberry juice, not three like many places would have done. The little things are noticed. Our food arrived exactly as we ordered it.

Hubby ordered a bone-in rib eye and was surprised at how small was the bone. (That is a good thing.) I asked him how was his steak, and he said that it was, "Fabulous!" Then he added, "Succulent."

My order was for prime rib, warm and red. It has been difficult to get really good prime rib around these parts. I will now say that I believe that was the best, most delicious piece of beef that I have had at a restaurant since moving back here from Hilton Head Island two years ago. It was thick. It was tender and delicious. It was beautiful. After it was half eaten, I decided that I should have taken a photograph of it.

Epic Chophouse also serves a selection of seafood, pasta, chicken, duck, and several specialties.

While we were eating, Jim (the owner?) happened by, and we got to meet face-to-face. Since we had spoken on Facebook and on the telephone, it was one of those small treats to put a name with a face. He was friendly and engaging, jovial even.

At one point, an employee was passing our table, and stopped to tell my husband that he had dropped a $20 bill. That was honest.

The one thing about which I was not crazy was the staff wearing jeans. I am not a big fan of jeans, and, in a restaurant like that, I might have expected to see black slacks. However, that is me, and I realize that a business needs to appeal to its clientele. The attire there seemed to be nice-casual. Anyone should feel comfortable there.

By the time we finished dining, I said, "I am done. Stick a fork in me."

Hubby said, "I don't think you would like that."


Since the night was so beautiful, after we finished our supper, and while we were waiting for dessert, which we had to order, Hubby and I stepped outside for a bit of fresh air and to stretch and let our food settle...and we needed room for dessert. While we were outside, an employee rushed out after us, not because he thought that we had left without paying, but to let us know that I had forgotten my wallet. Another kind and honest gesture.

Back inside. Cheesecake for Hubby. Chocolate cake for me. By then, really full.

Attentive staff, but not overbearing. Prime beef. Friendly management. Reasonable prices for the quality of food. Excellent experience. It would seem to me that anyone who has anything negative to say about this place...has not actually been there. If you are within driving distance of DoMo and have not been to Epic Chophouse on Main Street, GO. Treat yourself. Savor the meal. Enjoy the experience.

Now we are trying to figure out how we could eat there every night. Maybe we shall sell the car and set up an Epic Chophouse fund. We will be back.

By the way, can anyone give us a ride?

Epic. First. Date.


  1. My thoughts on your adventure is first of all you had your very 1st date since Boy arrived! That is an accomplishment in and of itself! My congrats to both of you on taking time just for each other!
    Now, on to the evening....Epic Chophouse sounds like a place that I would truly enjoy spending an evening with my love! Ambiance and great food is really hard to find these days. To find these two things at one place and still be able to afford it is such a gift!
    I am so happy that the two of you enjoyed it! You must, of course, return there perhaps for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary without Boy. I know that these times with Boy are very significant in your lives, but taking advantage of times just for the two of you enriches a marriage and a family. Both of these only come around in one life time, so take advantage of them more often. It'll make you focus on each other and how important you are to each other. You'll find that the two of you won't take for granted the little things about each other.
    Just some wise (?) advice from an "oldie" who's been there and done that, but lost all of that. Never take the your partner for granted. Love like you've never loved before! Never let them embers die! It's really too easy to forget all the good things about your partner and why you came together at the beginning.
    So have more dates!
    Your friend!
    Freida ;-)

  2. The Epic Chophouse is a fabulous place. It feels like they want you to be there.

  3. Great post and review! If I lived closer, I'd definitely take hubby there and we'd give it a try!

  4. Freida, you are so right. Hubby and I have been married for almost fourteen years. That feels secure on one hand, and on the other hand, we see people splitting after having been together longer than us. It is so important to keep the love alive!

    Richard, they do make you feel that way. It did not even occur to me until you said that.

    A.Marie, what are a few states between you and a fabulous meal? Hehe.

  5. Geez... Really? What a snooze fest! Where are the Fire Breathers and the Belly Dancers??? lol j/k

    The Epic Chophouse has a nice ring to it! I think if I were closer I would also have to have a dinner date!

    I think you did a great job on this review!

    As for the Jeans, depending on the day on which you ate... could have been a casual dress day!

    Anywho... it's on my list of Must Visits with Im back in NC...

  6. Hey, I know who that is! Girl, I am looking forward to when you get back here...just a few more months. Wheee!

  7. You have such a way with words and as another set of "....people who sit on the same side of a booth together." I love when I find a place that can accommodate our preference.

    This post has inspired me more than you know DM. Stay tuned to see how.....

  8. Now that I am back and with a new dress to wear for "date night" and since I am the friend that helped find this place and you have been saying we should all (the 4 of us) go out together sometime; let's take the guys out for their birthdays sometime this month, at the end of the month. We will find a sitter, and it won't be Emilie!!!