Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Farted

Does your child ever say something that makes you so grateful that you do not have company or so happy that you are not in public?

Boy was in my arms. There was a noise. Boy looked at my hubby and said, "Poppie, you farted."

"What? No, I didn't. Momma did!"

"No, Poppie, you farted."

"No, I didn't! Momma did!"

"No, Poppie, you did!" It is as though Boy is telling my hubby to stop trying to blame me.

The argument went on for a few more rounds, my husband's face full of shock as he protested his innocence and tried not to laugh.

He was innocent.

Why on earth, you may be wondering, am I posting this today? I am sharing it because it is funny. If you do not see the humor, then maybe you do not have children...or maybe you just lack a funny bone. If that is the case, phone your orthopedist today and make an appointment.

If you are horrified because I used the word "fart," then watch and listen to what Brad Stine has to say about the matter.


  1. LOL LOVE THIS POST! OMGoodness! Thanks so much for the laugh! I TOTALLY needed it this morning!

  2. LMAO I dont mind laughing about stuff like that in front of the kids... I figure, if nothing else, atleast they have a sense of humor (with everything my kids have to struggle with on a daily basis, I encourage a sense of humor, even if it is kinda "quirky" at times LOL!) There are times that i try NOT to encourage it (like when I hear them use a swear word, but pronounce it incorrectly making it sound cute but ya cant laugh cuz ya need to correct them so they dont do it again!) LOL My kids dont do that very often anymore, but when they were tots, if they heard an adult slip and swear, it would come back and haunt us later.

  3. Oops, apparently, you cannot add to (edit) a comment, and I accidentally deleted mine. Gar!

  4. I am not sure exactly when it happened, but I was relieved (pun) the day I realized that sometimes, you have no choice and your body says "Let's fart!" no matter where you are, who is around, and what it will smell like. Now I find them hilariously funny and and delightful when others can laugh with me (with our mouths closed, of course)


  5. Hahahahahaaaaa!! As far as I'm concerned, there are NO topics that are funnier than farts or poop!! My most recent "laugh till I cry" moments in the last 2 weeks have been about those very same things!

  6. I remember watching and laughing at this in your home! Now, Sophia and Cameron were relieved to have a break and laugh when they heard an adult shouting "FART!!!" on stage! Hahaha! We all miss you guys! And...sorry for the news from your post on the 8th. Praying for comfort, strength, and a renewed sense of obedience. Love you guys!

  7. LOL!!!! Bodily functions abound in the Circus' household ;-) No need to be shy!!!

  8. for the multiple question in m blog, i add gadget: poll. :) Enjoy