Monday, February 28, 2011

Is This News?

We were at the doctor's office this morning, and CNN was playing on the television in the waiting room. We were amazed at some of the drivel that we saw. Then they played a video of a baby laughing. I said, "Wh-hat? This is news?!" Then I said, "Well...people complain that the news usually only plays bad news, so I guess this is a cute, happy thing to share.

...but wait a minute. The baby is laughing at the tearing up of a JOB REJECTION LETTER that the dad received. The man is still out of work. Unemployed. In the end, I suppose that it was still bad news being reported. 8^P

Deed 14: We were at a restaurant with the Youth Group last night, and two of us got to the line at the same time. The young man let me go first. When we were at the register, I had him order and paid for his food. He said that I did not have to do that, like a polite, young gentleman, but I insisted. (After all, I still have ninety-six deliberate kind deeds to do in the next fourty-two day!)


  1. ok, I don't know if I would call this "News" in the traditional sense, but the concept of "Viral Videos" have become news.
    With that said, I could listen to this kid all day, OVER the news!!

    Or maybe use him as commentary to the news on Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.....