Monday, September 20, 2010

Deed #2

This past weekend was the Southern Women's Show at Charlotte. Lila (my upline) and I worked the show and met so many people. On Friday, as we were walking across the parking lot to enter the building, I saw three women sitting in a car. they were obviously not exhibitors, or they would not have been sitting outside waiting. Since I had some extra tickets, I walked over to the car and told
the ladies that I was going to give them a gift. It turned out that two of them already had tickets, yet they were very grateful that I gave them an additional ticket so that they could all go to the show for free.

We also met a couple on Saturday who were considering returning on Sunday. I gave them each a free ticket to return. Then the gal's mother did not want to be left out, so I gave her one, too. Hehe.

On Sunday, two gals to whom I had given tickets last weekend visited our booth at the SWS and told me how excited they are about their Discovery Toys party next week. That was a happy thing for me to hear!

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