Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Testimony

Lately I have heard some testimonies that have been so inspiring, and I thought that it might be neat to share a few people's stories. Here is the first one.

You may remember me telling you about the young gal who spoke at Christ Community Church of Mooresville a few weeks ago after serving with YWAM. If you were not there or have not had a chance to hear Jackie speak, then I invite you to surf over to the church web site and watch or listen to what she had to share. (Actually, if you choose to watch, then you should probably still listen.)

Sometimes we think that our testimony is not exciting enough. Sometimes a testimony can be simple and seem to be nothing special. However, when you see how God incorporates each of our lives into the bigger picture, then you can see that each one of us really has a purpose.

It is so amazing to see someone so young have such a passion for the Lord. When I was her age, I was sooo not focused on His direction for me.

Oh, and Jackie's sermon was surely good for my spiritual fitness, eh?

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