Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Officially Toddler Parents

This post is from an old blog and was dated exactly one year ago. We have come so far with our precious, wonderful, amazing, funny little guy, and I am reminiscing, the thought to share this occurred to me.

Yes. The day has arrived. We are officially parents of a toddler. While he has been walking since nine or ten months, and he has been progressing and learning and playing the age appropriate activities, and we considered him a toddler, only this past weekend did he make it official for us. We are Toddler Parents. You cannot argue with us because we have proof.

We have blue marker on our tan wall.

If you have not had a toddler yet, you may be sitting there with your jaw on the floor and displaying what we like to refer to as optical poptitude. Those of you who have children, though, are probably shaking your head up and down with a knowing and understanding look on your faces.

Do not pity us, though. We have spare paint for touch ups!


  1. And this is just the beginning. I was a parents of two toddlers at one time at which time I was also a renter. Needless to say I experienced nervous breakdowns on a daily basis. hehe

    So, I'll share my tragic marker moment.
    My two were in cahouts on this one. I thought they were watching Barney and being good little boys. Walk in to the room to check in and what do I see before me?
    A Giant Barney drawn on the white wall with black marker and colored in purple!!!
    On the upside, it really was quite good for a two and three year old.

    Enjoy your days ahead and remember to take pictures because he will not believe nor remember half of what he did as a tot.

  2. have you seen this website "Sh*tMyKidsRuined"????!!!!

  3. Kathy, wow. That As for us here, you can be sure that we take photographs at many opportunities! Hehe.

    Liz, yes! I would freak if some of those things happened in my home.

  4. Toddlerhood.....what can I say, I think it is only a taste for what I have coming to me ;) Acoording to "the people" I am trying to enjoy this period, b/c they are still little and I think I still laugh more than yell at them. Gotta love your kids! And like you said you have extra paint, so just hang on for the ride!