Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deeds #6 & #7

I am so far behind that I am going to have to be doing kind deeds left and right this month to accomplish my challenge to myself. No worries, though. I can do it!

We went to the mall at NC last week, and there was a woman walking up ahead of us who had a garment bag with a big lump at the bottom. That did not seem right, so I trotted up to where she was and pointed it out to her. This deed may seem small, but even the small deeds matter to the people that they affect. The woman had apparently just bought a new sweater that did not stay on the hanger, and she was grateful that I let her know so that she could open the bag and hang the new garment properly.

Last Sunday, our pastor challenged us to actually see people. When we were at a mall at SC, I made a point to look at people and notice them. When eye contact was made, I smiled at them. I was not obnoxious or silly. I just gave a friendly smile to acknowledge them and hopefully give them a smile (since smiling is so often contagious). My observation was interesting: I think that every single person seemed to nervously turn their gaze away when they realized that I realized that we had made eye contact. I wonder why people are so nervous around...people.


  1. I dont think it has anything to do with people being nervous about people (well ok, maybe in some cases lol), I think its just that people in this day and age are always in such a rush to get to the next place, person, thing, they dont take the few short moments to "smell the flowers" so to speak. They dont slow down to realize the simpler things in life, or to appreciate those things,or when people are just simply being kind. IMHO.

  2. Well I try to smile & make eye contact with everyone I come across... I also try to address people by their names if we are in public... I find that most people don't smile back... I find it kind of rude but then again not all people may be in a good mood or mindful they are giving a strange look back... BUT I keep on smiling and sometimes say hello...

  3. I agree with Miranda! I know I appreciate people acknowledging me, even if they don't know me. Smiles are contagious and you might just change someone's mood for the entire day! Who knows? I don't think we are aware of the affect we have on others with our mannerisms! I know when I was a young adult and in my first years of teaching, I'd have parents tell me how their child really looked up to me. I had a parent whose son I had for 3 years. When he left she sent me a letter of what kind of positive affect I'd had on her son and how just knowing me had turned him completely around. He became interested in learning and his behavior improved greatly at school and at home. I framed that letter and it hung in my classroom 'til I retired. I have it still framed in my memorabilia now....somewhere! That letter meant more to me than anything I ever got from a parent or a child. We just never know, so that is why I try to be pleasant and in a positive mood when I come in contact with others. It's not always possible, but I try! Who wants to be around a grumpy person all the time or just by change. I think we just get caught up in our own little world, though, and our minds are on those things and not on how we might be coming across to others.

  4. RE. doing good deeds...I try to follow the Golden Rule on this. I really try to treat others like I'd want to be treated. I appreciate it when I'm waiting in my SUV to pull in a line of traffic. I really appreciate it when someone lets me in! And I try to always give them a "positive " gesture to let them know I appreciated their kindness. Most people are in too big of a hurry to get to wherever their going that they never think of others. And since a lot of people are kind to me in this way, I try to allow others out into the traffic, too. This is just one example! There are a lot of ways we can do good deeds to help others in just small ways! It's really not very hard!