Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deed #8

Are you one of those people who will avoid public restrooms at all costs if it is realistically possible?

I am.

I am horrified by the disgustingness of filth and germs. UGH! If I absolutely have to use a public restroom...there is no resting involved. It is stressful. I try not to touch anything. When finished, I scrub my hands like I am getting ready to perform surgery.

You might be "one of those" people, or you might not. If you are, you know that it is difficult to touch the handle to make the paper towels come out...because other people have touched it, and there might be germs. The horror!

Being on vacation this past weekend, I found myself faced with not being able to avoid using public restrooms. Since I had to suffer, anyway, I decided to try to ease the suffering of the next mysophobe who might be forced to use the public restroom after I left.

I made an effort to lower the paper towels out of the dispenser so that the next person did not have to touch the potentially dirty, germy, yucky dispenser knobs or (handles).

You may have to be "one of those people" to appreciate this. I am sure that someone did!


  1. you are so cute. I do the same thing, but not for the gross germ-y reasons, but to prevent the potential paper-towel jam up that happens way too often lol

  2. LOL...we are so alike in some ways.

  3. I am one of those people who is appreciative of people who always leave towels out! I do no like public restrooms at all! I try to avoid using them at all cost!!! Thanks Dawnmarie for being so kind!

  4. I prefer not to use them, but it's impossible to make my trips to Nashville and back without at least stopping once or twice. I usually have to get gas once, too. Cyndi had already told me where to stop. There's a Cracker Barrel of I-40 at Strawberry Plains. I gas up there and go to the bathroom! There pretty clean. I did have to stop at a rest area on the way up this last time, though, and I don't like doing that! But this one was really, really, really clean. However, whenever I use a PR, I am cautious! And I carry Wet Ones with me! I don't use the sinks or the towel dispensers. If I have to open a door, I'll grab a paper towel or some toilet paper to open the door. But use a Wet One still after I do that! My mother (God rest her soul!) should have owned stock in Wet Ones. She always had one for herself and everyone else. Daddy carried them in his pockets, too! My mother was an ultra- clean person, without being OCD. She even washed the groceries when she put them in the cabinets and in the refrigerator. Now her sister, my aunt, was OCD and still is! I've never seen someone wash their hands so many times!
    Well, that's my two cents worth! LOL!