Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream Hangover

Before you do something that you want to do, it is wise to get all of the facts. That seems like a logical statement, right? However, how often do you do something because it is what you want? How often are you just making a selfish decision when it might not be what is the best decision or even the right decision?

When I was young, I used to enjoy doing things with the Boy Scouts. Yes, I am a girl. However, my dad was a troop leader for many years, and there were often activities happening. One weekend, when [I think] I was thirteen years old, I was going to be getting up early Saturday morning to go to a Boy Scout camp with Dad. I was looking forward to it.

Friday night, I decided that I wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream Mmmm...that was my
favorite flavor. Mommie made the best homemade ice cream, and I decided that it would be genius to make my own mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I went to the freezer and got a container of Mommie's homemade vanilla ice cream. I want to the refrigerator and found a bottle of some minty-smelling liquid in the back. I went to the cabinet and got a bag of chocolate chips. I went to the drawer and got a spoon. I was set. I mixed the ingredients really well and enjoyed the mint chocolate chip ice cream that I wanted. Mmmm.

The next morning at somewhere around 7:00 or 7:30, it was time to get up to leave for the Boy Scout camp. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I had such a headache and felt sick to my stomach. How much of that ice cream did I eat? Did I eat too much?

As it turned out, I had a hangover. I did not realize that until years later. After all, how would I know? I did not even know what a hangover was. I also, apparently, did not know what Creme de Menthe was.

That is right. I wanted something, so I went about making it happen for myself without asking for help or finding out all of the pertinent facts. Then I suffered for it. (Some of you may have heard me say that I have never been drunk yet once had a hangover. Now you understand.)

How often do you find yourself acting on your own wants and desires and doing whatever you need to do to make what you want to happen happen only to find out that it was probably not the best thing for you at the time, after all? Worse yet, do you get the facts and choose to ignore them because they do not suit what you want?

He who separates himself seeks his own desire,
He quarrels against all sound wisdom.

-Proverbs 18:1

My challenge for you is that the next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a decision, if you have even the slightest question about whether or not you might be making the right decision, then seek the facts necessary and consider them objectively. You may wind up saving yourself (and possibly others) some hurt or frustration when you make the right decision because you had the right information.


  1. This is a great story and good sound advice. Easier said then done as we tend to overlook the details of things in our desires. I will admit, I have been guilty on numerous occassions. I have never made my own ice cream. However I have whipped up some uncomfortable situations for myself.
    Hubby swears it is my mouth. I do not always think before I speak. haha

  2. Ha! Kathy, so many things that we "should" do are easier said than done. 8^/ As for your last comment, check out this post:

  3. Ah...good food for thought. Those choices we make sometimes tie us in a knot, a price is paid, a lesson learn (a hard lesson at times). Yes, I've made choices like wanting to go to a casino and play and loosing all my money...I confess I've turned the wrong way for a short cut many times and ended up lost and confused. That is why I need Christ...I'm a little lost sheep without him.
    Went to see Casting Crowns last night. Awesome concert.
    Stopping by to give you a smile! Blog on dearest!

  4. Honestly....this blog pretty much sums up my entire life up until recently. We tend to think we know better than god....which is crazy! God know what is good for us and what is bad. I will think of this next time I get the urge to do something that may not be in accordance with his will