Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GIVEAWAY...a detour from the alphabet posts.

As I am restarting my blogging [again] after about seven months away, I need to entice my readers to return and frequent my blog [again]...and hopefully attract new readers. Words from DUG is a Christian blog. While I may not always discuss faith-based topics, my faith will be the main focus of this blog. Hopefully I can learn something. Hopefully I can teach you something. Hopefully you can teach me something. Either way, hopefully you enjoy reading and commenting on what I decide to share.


Do you like chocolate, strawberries, pound cake, bananas, pretzels? Do you like cheese, broccoli, breads, steak cubes, apples? Do you like fondue? Would you love to have this adorable, heart-shaped fondue set (napkin not included).

Here is how you could possibly nab it:

1. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect by scrolling down slightly on the right and clicking to join my followers. Post a comment telling me that you did this.

2. Follow this blog's Facebook page. Post a comment telling me that you did this.

3. Follow this blog via NetworkedBlogs. This makes it easier to know when I post because a notice will show right on your Facebook News Feed. Post a comment telling me that you did this.

4. Refer friends. When they follow this blog, ask them to comment on this post to let me know that you referred them.

5. Browse around and post a comment here to tell me one entry that you like on this blog. Of course, be encouraged to post as often as you would like on any other posts, as well!

Here is the fine print, even though it is the same size print:
When I get up to 100 followers at each of numbers 1, 2, and 3, then I will give away the gift above (or sooner if I choose, but that is not likely). Starting with the first commented posted, the comments will be numbered one through ?, and I will use to determine the winner. The winner will be posted here on the blog. If the prize is not claimed within seventy-two hours, then I will choose a different winner the same way, and so on until the fondue set has been claimed. I will only ship the fondue set to an address in continental USA.


  1. How is it that I posted the blog entry at 4:32 PM, and you commented at 2:44 PM on the same day? Lisa, did you invent a time machine about which you did not tell me?

  2. I can't let Lisa have all the fun! I just "liked" your FB page!

  3. I'm following you via GFC! Thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for all three, SOSH! Please feel free to read back and comment on other posts, too. 8^)

  5. Hi! Nice to meet you! I am following you via GFC :)

  6. I am following your blog on networked blogs :)

  7. I liked reading your post on happiness. You are right, it does have a lot to do with being content. I tell myself many times that any situation could always be worse, and Im thankful it isnt. There have been times that that wasnt easy to swallow, and I have to remember that I am human and cant handle everything on my own. God designed us to need Him and to come to Him. :)

  8. Yum! Yes to all of those. I already follow your blog with Google friend connect. (would you like to follow mine?)

  9. What a fun giveaway! I'm following in GFC now.

  10. Just became your 100th fan on Facebook tonight!